Veritek Global Solutions

An International Independent Inspection Company operating in Africa and the Middle East!

VERITEK GLOBAL SOLUTIONS is an International Independent Inspection Company with headquarters in the London area of the UK. The company provides a wide range of Inspection services in the field of Oil, Gas, Chemicals and Dry cargo surveys (Container, Dry-bulk). Veritek's board of Directors is a dynamic and proactive team of professionals with extensive experience in the fields of Cargo Inspection, Oil Trading & Logistics who are determined to make a positive impact in the industry. Focusing on West Africa, Veritek has offices in Nigeria (with laboratory services), Cameroon, and in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In addition Veritek has Joint Venture offices in Cote d’Ivoire (with laboratory services), Togo, and in Gabon. Approved Representative offices cover inspection services in Algeria, Ghana, Kenya, Libya, and Tunisia. The medium to long term objective is to establish further Inspection offices in North, East and South Africa to provide our customers with a truly Pan-African service.

The company coordinates inspection and testing nominations from its UK head office and Lagos office thus providing customers with central points of contact and with a personal touch 24/7 every day of the year. Although the initial focus has been Inspection and Testing provided by the Oil & Gas sector, Veritek is quickly expanding into the surveying of Agricultural products and Dry Cargoes. Our aim is to provide a personal and knowledgeable service. First contact may be with Michael at our UK international headquarters, or with Anthony at our Lagos regional office. Wherever and whenever you make contact with Veritek, you will find we are happy to help you with any of your cargo inspection needs, and no job is too big or too small!

Our Core Values


Veritek believes that good Health, Safety & Environmental performance enhances the financial well being of its business. Veritek recognizes its responsibilities towards all personnel and the environment. The management is therefore determined not to spare any means or materials in the pursuit of the highest standards of safety at work.


We are a fully Independent International Inspection Company providing impartial, unbiased results using only approved measurement and testing methods. Our clients put their trust in Veritek to safeguard their interests and our reputation depends on this.


All our operations are managed and coordinated in adherence to our internal quality system with inspections being performed to ASTM, IP, API & GOST quality standards.

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